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The Council for the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms (hereinafter: KMDLNj is the first non-governmental organization formed in Kosovo. The KMDLNj was formed on December 14, 1989 by a group of human rights activists who spoke on behalf of those who had been denied any rights and violated the basic human rights. KMLDNJ presents a heterogeneous organization of intellectual and national structures. KMDLNj is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization. KMDLNj headquarters are in Pristina. Likewise, the KMLDNJ has honorary members from different European states and from the US who represent the KMDLNj in certain situations. Adem Demaçi, winner of the Sakharov Prize, is Honorary Chairman of the KMDLNj . KMDLNj is a member of the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) based in Paris and a member of the Balkan Human Rights Network (specifically the Steering Committee of this network). KMDLNj is also a member of the Society of Endangered Peoples in Gottingen (Germany).


KMDLNj documents human rights violations and denounces perpetrators of these violations by informing the public through reports, press releases, publications, press conferences, etc. KMDLNj publishes information, reports, periodicaly and annualy. It also publishes the "Bulletin" when funds are provided in Albanian, English and Serbian. KMDLNj has also published books: "My Rights" I, II and III and "Human Rights", "International Human Rights Protection", "Day Issue", "Minority Rights", "Monographs of War Crimes 1998 - 1999" etc. KMDLNj was the first non-governmental organization from Kosovo that has established co-operation with The Hague Tribunal and has filed a criminal record against Yugoslav leaders suspected of war crimes in Kosovo. The brightening of the fate of persons considered as missing is one of the priorities of the KMDLNj. Interviewing Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Displaced Persons is further engagement of the Council. The return of internally displaced persons is one of the Council's main activities, especially after the end of the war. The protection of minority rights and their integration into society, deenilization are long-term strategic commitments of the KMDLNj. KMDLNj also deals with human rights education. In this context, he has organized trainings on human rights for members of the KSF and KP. The CDHRF has monitored local and general elections, monitoring court proceedings, detention centers, detention centers, investigative prisons and correctional houses as well as other institutions emerging from the elections. KMDLNj, organizes roundtables, debates, seminars, etc. Dealing with human rights. Within the CDHRF, SOS service is available for free legal services. KMDLNj since 2000, has been organizing the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival "One World" for thirteen years. KMDLNj was the main organization that monitored the elections that were organized in Kosovo - 2 pairs of local elections and 2 pairs of general elections.

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